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We see patients of all ages for diagnostic evaluation and testing. Such an assessment is often needed for diagnosing a specific learning or neurodevelopmental disorder, autism spectrum disorder, general intellectual abilities, personality functioning, or specific mental health condition. A psychological report is always completed as part of the evaluation. We can provide consultation to primary care physicians, school officials, court personnel, and other professionals. Dr. Poulsen is able to provide expert testimony for legal proceedings.

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Psychotherapy is a relational form of treatment that provides psychological healing by increasing a sense of well-being and reducing discomfort and distress. It is a unique kind of professional relationship that offers relief from depression, anxiety, and other problems.  Psychotherapy can also help you navigate interpersonal stresses, cope with traumatic events, and reach important life goals. 

We provide an evidenced-based approach that is grounded in contemporary psychodynamic theory and research. This form of treatment takes into account the inter-relationships of historical, emotional, social, and biological factors that contribute to who you are (including your strengths and vulnerabilities). Psychodynamic therapy embraces the idea that actions are influenced by feelings—feelings that can be complex, contradictory, and frequently out of awareness. To the extent that we can increase our awareness of such feelings and patterns of relating, we can live a life of greater equanimity, engagement, and optimism. We also integrate cognitive therapy, family systems, and contemplative practices into my work. Psychological distress is often related to habitual ways of perceiving and interacting with the world--ways that have protected and helped in the past, but now get in the way of living a more satisfying, enjoyable, and meaningful life. 

In our work together, we may focus on initial symptom relief at first, though we may also take more time to look deeply at the foundations from which problems and patterns of relating have originated. We are practical but also value thoroughness and depth. Whether it is something quite specific or a vague feeling that something is wrong, we would love to be in your corner. The relationship we develop becomes a crucible for change. 

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Our practice also includes consultation at individual, group, and organizational levels. We consult with educational, business, and nonprofit organizations. Such consultation includes assessing fitness for duty among employees, providing psychological expertise in business strategy and innovation, and promoting a more psychological healthy workplace. Please contact Dr. Poulsen for more information about this aspect of the practice.

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Before contacting us for psychotherapy, you will want to check Dr. Poulsen's Psychology Today page to see if we are currently accepting new patients. Prior to setting up an initial appointment, we will want to talk with you by phone briefly. We will be interested in knowing what you are looking for and will want to make sure that we might be a good fit. We can also answer any questions you may have. Once you call or email us, we will arrange a time to talk by phone. 

If you are seeing one of us for psychotherapy, we will arrange to meet for an initial diagnostic session. We will take lots of notes and begin formulating ideas about how we can be most helpful to you. We will then have a follow up appointment where we look more closely at some of the issues discussed during the first session. Typically during our third meeting, we will discuss the formulation that we have developed and discuss moving forward with treatment. We may also have other treatment recommendations to make that will augment our work together. In this way, you will have a chance to hear about our initial impressions and we can make decisions about future work together.


As an option, we can also see you via telehealth through a HIPAA-compliant, encrypted peer-to-peer telehealth system. Dr. Poulsen holds an E.Passport from ASPPB that allows for practice in 39 states.


This is a fee-for-service practice and we are not contracted providers for any insurance companies. If you would like, we can provide a detailed receipt and insurance claim form (superbill) if you want to seek reimbursement from your insurance company. We accept checks, cash, HSA and FSA cards, and all major credit/debit cards. Please contact us for additional information about specific fees.

You can review my Notice of Privacy Practices here.

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